Book 1: Praetorian Rising

In the small town of Sierra Village on the outskirts of Aspera, Camille Scipio has awoken in fear and confusion: she has no recollection of her life before that morning. That isn’t to say she’s incapable of daily living; she can gut a squirrel in two seconds flat, and regularly embarrasses the other village teens with her marksmanship, as well as her daring nature when it comes to hunting in the forest past the villages sundown curfew. In a way, Camille has found peace with her blissful ignorance, because as her “gifts” continue to reveal themselves, they speak only of death and destruction. But when a mysterious beast attacks the village and her only friend is now on the brink of deathCamille finally learns the truth of her identity: she is a genetically enhanced assassin known as a Praetorian, created by the tyrannical High King of Aspera to kill all who’ve chosen to defy him. Camille is soon forced to join the flailing rebellion against their sadistic ruler, reuniting with two men she has no recollection of: the mercurial Vesyon Vestra, and Theo Shaehy, a self-proclaimed prior lover. Struggling to understand her place within the rebellion and the world itself, Camille can no longer avoid the horrors of her past deeds, even when such a realization could mean complete annihilation of herself. She must make an impossible choice: loyalty to those fighting against the oppressive High King, or succumbing to the darkness inside herself that’s desperately clawing its way out.