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Writing isn’t a career, it’s a passionate hobby that will never leave me alone until I write down every last word of this story constantly screaming inside my head, “LET ME OUT!” So I do. I write. And what happens next always boggles my mind. You actually read my inner thoughts. I hope you enjoy whats coming next because it’s going to be a whirl wind.


I am currently in the first round of SERIOUS edits to book 2 in the Praetorian Series. I have gotten my self far enough through that I am toiling over what to call this book. Hopefully a brilliant idea strikes me soon, so I can get working on the book cover to share with you all! In the mean time, I will be editing, re-writing, reading a TON, and pushing to hit my next deadline. November 2020 is what I am hoping I can reach as a goal for me to hand over my manuscript to my editor for the next round of intense editing to occur. NOVEMBER YOU SAY?? Oh yes, I plan to write up the skeleton bones of Book 3 during Nanowrimo2020. Lot’s to do my friends, lot’s to accomplish.

I have to say, despite the frustrations and annoyance of being stuck inside ALL DAY EVERY DAY, I am getting some serious work done on my book and my personal projects. Now is the time to take hold of this crazy time and MAKE something of what you are offered. Not everyone is so lucky, I have quite a lot of my friends, me included that are still working their full time job every day but if you aren’t, make use of the time! Your house isn’t clean because you don’t have enough time right? That is the typical excuse, but I realize that I just don’t care to do certain things even when I have the time. NOW, I have the time to work on my own projects as well as spend a lot of time with my family. Do it now my friends, seize this opportunity and enjoy the fruits of your labor when we all have to go back to the normal way of life. Until then, #enjoyyourquarantinetimeoff

I’m J. McSpadden and I’m an Author.


Praetorian Rising is the first book in a four book series. Click here to read more about Praetorian Rising and find details on where and how to purchase!

Want to connect and see my day to day action as a writer? Come find me on INSTAGRAM! I am taking part in Author Loops, Updates on my Book Series, Monthly Writing Challenges, and Monthly Personal Goals to keep my writing a constant in my day to day life. I hope to see you there! Follow me @jessie_grace137


The Praetorian Rising Series has a new addition for you to enjoy as you read! I teamed up with Jane from Wick and Jane Bookish Candles to create these custom candles specially made to fit your favorite Praetorian Rising characters and world setting. I won’t lie, you won’t be able to buy just one of these, I am literally addicted to these candles. They aren’t your normal burning candles. Not only do they sparkle and shine with glitter over the top, but they are completely soy, vegan candles with incredibly awesome wood burning wicks. They crackle and talk while they burn. Makes it feel like a mini campfire on your table or tucked alongside your reading nook. Read below to see the scent profiles and desired emotion I wanted to express with each of these candles.

UPDATE: Jane is currently unable to deliver these specialty candles during COVID times. More updates to come when her service of Indie Book Candles can return!

Camille Candle:

Apples, Cinnamon, Vanilla. This candle reminds me of that rustic scent that you want to experience when the fall season hits. I wanted to capture the welcoming scent of Fómhair, the first holiday you experience within the world of Aspera. I also wanted to bring out the essence of Camille and her innocence of the world around her. There is so much she doesn’t know when she first wakes in Sierra Village. I wanted to solidify her scent as something that would remind anyone of home, safety, security and a sense of welcoming.

Vesyon Candle:

Campfire smoke, Saffron, Whiskey. This candle makes me think of the mysterious Aragon you meet the first moment in the bar of the Prancing Pony. In a lot of ways, Vesyon is based off of my love of Aragon; his pride and determination to do what needs to be done, but Vesyon pulls in the direction of quiet, dark, solitude leaving him a mystery to most. This scent is earthy, spicey, with a mix of stark manliness that I wanted to impress upon anyone burning this amazing scent. Vesyon, despite his apparent age, is years beyond leaving an epic tale in his wake. The mysteries range wide and far with this character, and this scent I feel captures the enigma of what makes Vesyon so intriguing.

Theo Candle:

Cedar, Clove Bud, Peppercorn. This candle is beyond perfect. If you close your eyes you feel as though you stepped into the center of the forest surrounded by the fresh morning scent of cedar trees. The slight spice and sweetness of the clove and peppercorn gives the candle a deeper scent beyond the freshness of a forest making one think more of a man that spends his life among the trees and nature. It’s wild, calming, fresh and perfectly fits the character of Theo. This candle is the one I burn the most while writing because it pulls me into the world of Aspera, living and breathing in the trees of their surroundings just like Camille, Theo and Vesyon would.

Neeko Candle:

Dark Musk, Amber, Cloves. This candle is all musk and dangerous animal. I can imagine burying my face in the soft fur of Neeko and smelling this warm inviting scent and feeling protected. In creating this candle I wanted to bring out the fierce animal of our feline friend by capturing not just his musky scent but also the welcoming warmth of his protection.

Ad Astra Per Aspera:

Free Pine, Cypress, Moss. Unlike the Theo candle, this candle is purely nature. The fresh scent of a forest in the soft twinkle of dawn offering the promise of a new day. In making this scent I wanted to capture not just the promise of a new future to those within Aspera, I wanted to remain true to the by line of this series. Ad Astra per Aspera which means ‘to the stars through difficulty’ is the Rogue way of life. The brilliant blue of this candle is perfect to depict the expanse of open sky, while the deep richness of the forest scent centers you within the world of Aspera. It brings you along on this adventure as the core group of Rogue Rebels take on the sovereign in their fight for freedom.

Take a peek at all of these candles and the sizes available on Wick and Jane’s website. Don’t forget to use JESSIE20 for your discount code!

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  1. Congratulations cousin. Buying my copy now. Maybe I can track you down to sign it.
    Best wishes always!😉

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