About the Author

Jessie McSpadden

Indie author born in San Diego. Moved to Los Angeles to ‘find the dream’. Ended up finding it was really expensive and the dream wasn’t what she thought she wanted. Sat on her porch during the very ‘I have no money’ phase in her life and drank cheap wine, scarfed chips and salsa, and started to form a story. The short stories and small scenes turned into a world in her head. The world formed an intricate tale, and from their the world of the Five Shores and Camille Scipio was born.

Jessie McSpadden is an Indie Author, lover of all things fantasy, newbie forest witch, lover of wine and whiskey, mother, wife, dog mom, obsessive reader, coffee lover, life long red head, and forever thinking about the magic of words.

What is in the Works for J. McSpadden

There are many projects. Here is where we are at so far –

  • Book 1- Praetorian Rising: Re-release details are coming soon to preface the release of the next book in the series. This new release will include new work, updated chapters, and some new enjoyable content.
  • Book 2 – A Trial of Petals and Poison: Working hard on the current edits for this book. Looking to get the last round of “intense edits” completed by Jan 2024. We are pushing hard to get you ATOPAP (yep, that’s what we are calling it over here) as soon as we can. News to come soon on release dates, cover reveals, merch deets, book boxes, beta reading, and all things PR SERIES!
  • If you follow me on Insta you will see….I recently had a baby! Very unexpected, but so incredibly awesome to experience becoming a mother of my own child. I am now the proud mama of two step-sons, my son, and my furry baby. It’s quite a lovely home of ALL BOYS but ME! Yes, that makes me the Queen.
  • Looking into promotional opportunities with people wanting to discuss new books, indie authors, writing, blogging, reading….etc. If you are at all interested in collaborating some promo opportunities, I would love to chat with you!

Authors Supporting Authors

Working with others is always the dream! Right now, I want to push hard to help support Indie Authors. The publishing world is changing and I want to help be a part of that change.

Self publishing a book is really difficult. A lot of effort goes into writing the book, but everything else alongside the books themselves is the marketing, the formatting, the cover art, the social content. Being a one person team is tough. Pushing others up is always the way to grow in my honest opinion.

I want to promote Indie Authors to spread the love of this wonderful craft.

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