J. McSpadden Writes


Hello to All my Rogue Rebels, and those thinking of joining the FIGHT! I wanted to give you some updates on where I am with this series and some exciting news on what is to come! This past week I sent my editor, the lovely Ashley R. Carlson my manuscript of Book 2 of the Praetorian Rising Series. After 1.5 years of writing, it is finally ready for a deep dive into… Read More

Ad Astra Per Aspera – ‘To the Stars through Difficulty’ The struggle within the Rogue Rebellion is the core purpose to why this latin phrase meant so much to be when I first heard it. Much of Praetorian Rising is about struggle and the frustration of being pushed to the bottom no matter how hard you’ve worked. Praetorian Rising was bred out of my desire to make a change in my own… Read More