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Chapter Three Ayya Sisters “Watch it, idiot—oh, it’s you,” Grenswald rumbled, sneering down at Camille with cracked dirty lips and blackened rotting teeth. Camille despised him out of principal being a hired hand of the High Court, but her distaste for his proximity was more profound than his presence alone. His muddy brown eyes lit up at the sight of her, and Camille was positive he recalled the first time they’d met…. Read More

Being an independent writer is really hard, I won’t sugar coat this one. It is. Mainly I feel like the hardest part about being an Indie Author is that I have a full time job, plus I am trying to be my own first round editor, marketing specialist, publisher, AND I have to write the books. I know there is freedom in doing this on my own, but there is also the… Read More

How to better understand what your Protagonist feels and where that emotional inner conflict comes from.

Hello to All my Rogue Rebels, and those thinking of joining the FIGHT! I wanted to give you some updates on where I am with this series and some exciting news on what is to come! This past week I sent my editor, the lovely Ashley R. Carlson my manuscript of Book 2 of the Praetorian Rising Series. After 1.5 years of writing, it is finally ready for a deep dive into… Read More

Ad Astra Per Aspera – ‘To the Stars through Difficulty’ The struggle within the Rogue Rebellion is the core purpose to why this latin phrase meant so much to be when I first heard it. Much of Praetorian Rising is about struggle and the frustration of being pushed to the bottom no matter how hard you’ve worked. Praetorian Rising was bred out of my desire to make a change in my own… Read More

A mysterious and silent creature followed him in quick pursuit, dodging between bush and boulder to keep pace with Vesyon’s steady gait through the dense forest terrain. Short tufts of black and brown fur camouflaged the creature’s every move, allowing him to accomplish his task of the silent companion with pristine perfection. After so many years together, Vesyon couldn’t help but think of his small feline friend, Neeko, as one of his… Read More

Leaning against an ancient tree, arms casually folded across his chest, stood a young man not much older than she. Blonde wavy hair fell back from his angular face, with both sides shaved and the top left long. The man dragged a hand through his thick strands, gaze never leaving her. His irises were the strangest hue Camille had ever seen: a bleached blue, almost devoid of color; like the bright tinge… Read More

I feel like every book has it’s moment in the sunshine where it says, ‘I don’t want to be labeled with a price, I want to be a free voice to the world!’ Or at least I feel like that is what Camille or Vesyon would say when it comes to Praetorian Rising. I have great news for you my friends. Starting RIGHT THIS MINUTE if you are a Kindle Unlimited subscriber… Read More

Wind whistled through the dense overgrowth of Dun L’er Forest, a high-pitched whir of warning dogging his every step. The rustling maple and stark pine trees hunched like ghostly sentinels, the foggy fingers of breaking dawn stretching toward him as he ran. They were watching him, the ancient eyes of the forest, their aged and weathered limbs creaking against the pressured air. They would hold his secrets in their entombed silence, but… Read More

The woman’s eyes fluttered open, and she shied away from the intruding light and heat that assaulted her fragile senses. She couldn’t place her location, and her back ached with stiffness as though she hadn’t moved in ages. “Awake, are you? It’s about time. You’ve been sleeping for days.” – Praetorian Rising, Chapter 1 – Lost Memory   Camille Scipio is a character I dreamt of out of no where. I woke… Read More