J. McSpadden Writes


A mysterious and silent creature followed him in quick pursuit, dodging between bush and boulder to keep pace with Vesyon’s steady gait through the dense forest terrain. Short tufts of black and brown fur camouflaged the creature’s every move, allowing him to accomplish his task of the silent companion with pristine perfection. After so many years together, Vesyon couldn’t help but think of his small feline friend, Neeko, as one of his… Read More

Leaning against an ancient tree, arms casually folded across his chest, stood a young man not much older than she. Blonde wavy hair fell back from his angular face, with both sides shaved and the top left long. The man dragged a hand through his thick strands, gaze never leaving her. His irises were the strangest hue Camille had ever seen: a bleached blue, almost devoid of color; like the bright tinge… Read More

Wind whistled through the dense overgrowth of Dun L’er Forest, a high-pitched whir of warning dogging his every step. The rustling maple and stark pine trees hunched like ghostly sentinels, the foggy fingers of breaking dawn stretching toward him as he ran. They were watching him, the ancient eyes of the forest, their aged and weathered limbs creaking against the pressured air. They would hold his secrets in their entombed silence, but… Read More

The woman’s eyes fluttered open, and she shied away from the intruding light and heat that assaulted her fragile senses. She couldn’t place her location, and her back ached with stiffness as though she hadn’t moved in ages. “Awake, are you? It’s about time. You’ve been sleeping for days.” – Praetorian Rising, Chapter 1 – Lost Memory   Camille Scipio is a character I dreamt of out of no where. I woke… Read More

CAMILLE SCIPIO It’s cold. I feel the bitterness to the tips of my toes but the frigid ice settling into my skin started within. I lay here before my own eyes naked to the demons I tried to bury beneath layers of honor and duty. There’s poison on my lips, I’m afraid it will never go away. The monster will remain; chipping, nibbling, and scratching away at my defenses. I will lose… Read More