Time to Build a Base of Readers

Being an independent writer is really hard, I won’t sugar coat this one. It is. Mainly I feel like the hardest part about being an Indie Author is that I have a full time job, plus I am trying to be my own first round editor, marketing specialist, publisher, AND I have to write the books. I know there is freedom in doing this on my own, but there is also the down side of DOING IT ALL ALONE.

The hardest part for me right now is realizing how much time it will take to get the books out to you, my lovely readers. I struggle knowing that you have to wait so long to get the next installment. I see people who have published two books within the last year or so because that is their job! They write, they work on their writing, and then they write MORE. It’s really lovely and I wish beyond all hope that I too can one day take this writing life into a more substantial full time job.

In order to do that I need readers, and to find more readers, I need you. I think right now just finding a base of readers that want to read my book and share to others is the first big step. From there, I want to see about doing more events as an author as the world starts to open up again. I got great advice from a fellow indie author friend of mine saying, “start in your hometown and become famous there, THEN branch out to the whole world.” That made all the sense in the world! There is no reason to jump into the idea’s of doing a world wide book tour when no one in my home town knows about my book or who I am or what I am working on. I live in Los Angeles people, there are a lot of things that I could do to make a name for myself here. I need to find the time, yes, but also I need to do some research. That will be my goal this year. Establish my base in my home town.

I think to start building on this, I want to also share my book with you all. It’s now been out for a year, and I think that at this point sharing the story to all and anyone is worth it for me TO BUILD A BASE! So, I have decided to start releasing Praetorian Rising on my blog one chapter at a time 🙂 I do need to keep you in some levels of suspense. But also, you are always welcome to pick up a copy and support your favorite indie author ❤️

Also, I would love to connect more with you all in the blogging world. Discuss more with you, talk with you, and learn about your writing and reading up’s and down’s. In this life of lock down I find myself looking for areas and ways to connect. Truly, I want to get to know you all and share in our mutual writing, reading, and literary lives.

Cheers to you, and look forward to my posting of my chapters. I plan to release Chapter 1 this weekend!

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