First question, do you know what NANOWRIMO is?

A Trial of Petals and Poison – book 2 in the Praetorian Rising Series! Also known as #ATOPAP Keep your eyes open for updates to come on on my blog and Instagram (jmcspadden_author)

National Novel Writing Month is when a bunch of writers hunker down and blast through writing a novel in the thirty days of November. October, or fondly known to all writers as Preptober, is where we plan out the novels we are going to write to ensure we know what we are doing. Do we really know what we are doing when it comes time to write the book? No….not really!

Nano is mainly about the interaction and the community as much as it’s about you achieving your goal as a writer. Two years ago I wrote my first draft of #ATOPAP (A Trial of Petals and Poison – Book 2 in the Praetorian Rising Series). This year, I will be working on editing the MONSTER of a book that I currently have. So here is what I plan on doing.

OCTOBER – was all about editing. I wrapped up October getting to Chapter 35 of 47 chapters in draft two of #ATOPAP. The goal is to flesh out the book and wrap up the story in a structured way of telling the story while infusing more tension into the characters story line as well as pulling the reader into Camille Scipio’s main story; identity and a desire to be loved.

NOVEMBER – is all about wrapping up Draft 2 before heading into Draft 3. Now, I told myself I wasn’t going to go TOO heavy on my word count, so this month will be a double task for me. I have 13 chapters left to get to the end of the book, but I ALSO need to keep my word count below 300k. Currently, I am at 298K. This is going to be hard. So I will be editing/slashing words while I am editing/adding words.

Wish me the best of luck ! And if you are going to be doing Nanowrimo2020 please let me know so we can be writing buddies this year! You can find me here on the nano site: Jmcspadden

Meet up with you soon Nanoheads!

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