When In Quarantine – We eat, drink and be Panicked

When I got married I promised my husband that I wouldn’t gain an aggressive amount of weight. I was allowed an additional 2 lbs gain per year however until I reach 60 and then….I can seriously stop caring about “weight”. It was a silly thing to promise, but I did promise it because I honestly care about my well being and my health. For me, weight gain = health issues. I have to be careful.

Well, this damn pandemic has DESTROYED all ability to NOT stress eat. I am not kidding, I am eating everything. Which is BAD. Not just because I am OVER eating, but also because I shouldn’t be eating all the food in the damn house. And wine, I am drinking a lot of wine….and whiskey. This sunshine, whiskey-drinking, food shoving into face apocalypse is the most stressed I have been IN A VERY LONG TIME.

Apocalypse aside, today I spend more time in my newly made office….aka my kitchen table….then I ever have before. I feel like my butt is becoming more flat the longer I sit here and discuss with all of my clients how we are going to work through this new life we are being told to live.

How are you doing out there? What are you being told to do by your jobs and how are you coping with the at-home lifestyle? I want to hear from you, my friends.

Whiskey Cheers from a Distance!

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