While in Quarantine: Day 1

Strange. That is what this world is today. Every corner I turn, and every minute I read a new headline in the news I can’t help but feel an impending sense of panic and doom. It’s a very weird thing to feel, especially as I look out my door and see sunshine, happy little birds flying from tree to tree, and random people walking their dogs up and down the street. What isn’t normal are the masks, the gloves, the empty grocery stores and the all around underlying buzz of fear. We all feel it, the panic that sets in when we are taken over by the unknown.

While I am stuck at home until the unforeseeable future now that California is on a ‘stay at home’ order, I am currently wondering how the hell I am supposed to make a living. It’s a scary thought. I was so invested in my career as a Producer and now that my line of work is deemed non-essential to society I am without a purpose.

But am I? NO! The answer is no, we all have a purpose and my purpose NOW will be to talk with all of you out there wondering and thinking the same things that I am. Funny enough, I now have AN ABUNDANCE of time to chat with you all. I have plans, the first one being to write on my blog every day with the current news of California, my own home life, how I am able to keep myself from going insane, discussions on my book as well as short stories that I WILL be sending out soon and any other little tidbits that cross my new desk….aka….my kitchen table. The second plan, connect with people as often as possible to ensure we don’t alienate ourselves. And the third, and perhaps one some of my readers will enjoy hearing, I am going to AVIDLY work on Book 2 of the Praetorian Rising Series!

Day 1 of Stay at Home don’t go anywhere: It’s SUNNY AF outside! I’m not kidding you, yesterday was raining totally cool for people to tell me to stay inside but today it’s legit 75 degrees outside and it’s GLORIOUS! You can’t see much from my balcony but you can see how insanely sunny it is, which makes it incredibly difficult to NOT WANT to be outside. Is it against the rules to go for a hike? I will be six feet away from all humans, more in fact…unless everyone in Los Angeles starts to go hiking and then we are all doomed.

This is what the Apocalypse of 2020 looks like…

For the forseeable future I will remain locked up in my apartment. Which means I will have a significant amount of time to write. Now, I did ask the world on a whole to give me more time to write, however; I think the world on a whole has a really sick and twisted sense of humor. This isn’t what I meant! I didn’t want the ENTIRE world to shut down. I just wanted a couple of days a month that I wasn’t so busy so I could work on my book. I guess I got far more than I’d bargained for.

I wonder in this moment how life will be perceived from the future looking backwards. Will we be ‘the people who survived’? Those that ‘suffered through the blackout of 2020’? The ‘ingenuitive new age’ where we had to turn inwards to understand how to find a new way of life? We will have to find a new way to live, and not just day to day live but also MAKE A LIVING.

If I can’t go out into the world, then I will stay inside and be word batman. I wake up, I coffee, and I slay…via my laptop!

I think that might be the most interesting part of what we are all about to experience. This is a turn in our world that no one has ever experienced before. How will we cope with this and what will we do to ensure we continue on? The first thing we must do as a community is come together, join hands….from a distance, and forge a new path. I want to be a part of that community. I want to make a change in this world, one for the better for all.

Starting today, I want to be more connected with everyone. I feel I lost that over the last year and I want to reconnect. I am here for you my friends. Let’s join virtual hands and bring all of us back together. I will continue to write, to do my best to reach out and remain vocal during these crazy times. I don’t want you to feel as though you must suffer through this alone. Keep in mind that we all may be forced to remain at home, we all may be alone but the beauty of this moment is that even though we are alone we are all in this together too.

Much love to you all,
J. McSpadden

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