Praetorian Rising Series: Updates From the Author

Hello to All my Rogue Rebels, and those thinking of joining the FIGHT! I wanted to give you some updates on where I am with this series and some exciting news on what is to come!

This past week I sent my editor, the lovely Ashley R. Carlson my manuscript of Book 2 of the Praetorian Rising Series. After 1.5 years of writing, it is finally ready for a deep dive into the land of editing. For some awesome context, Praetorian Rising took me a solid eight years to complete. Mostly because I had no idea I was writing a book series until about four years in. Once I caught on to what I had, I realized I needed a plan! Three years ago I joined my first NANOWRIMO experience, and Praetorian Rising was well on it’s way to becoming my first published book.

After having it in her hands for a week, the first words I got back were, “I’m OBSESSED!”

Words of my Editor! Book 2 is making it’s way to you!!

During #NANOWRIMO2018, I was able to start working through Book 2 of the series. I walked away with a 170,000 word first draft manuscript and an incredible next leg of the series. I still can’t believe I was able to write that much in the month long period of time allotted!! Over the last year and several months, I have tweaked and adjusted Book 2 in order to prep it for my editor. After having it in her hands for a week, the first words I got back were, “I’m OBSESSED!” Fantastic first words to hear, and I can’t wait to dive into the edits.

In the mean time of waiting to be my book back, I have a lot of marketing and promotional work to do as well as WRITING! Yes, writing. I am starting the oulines and structure for book 3. Right now is the perfect time to start working through the layout of character growth, story development, world exploration, and details of plot. I have so much to say, and this story and this world is no where NEAR it’s ending point.

I can fully understand and respect Diana Gabaldon, in that she has this incredible main story and several incredible novellas that she had to write because she couldn’t get enough of her characters. I feel that way too! The plan is to write a four part series, but trust me when I say I won’t be able to stop there. I have so much more to say, and so much more to share with you all. One thing I know for certain, this story and these characters within the Five Shores will be a story I will be writing, creating, and living within for many years to come.

Some FUN news to keep you in the know about, I not only have Praetorian Rising Candles, I also collaborated with an Insta follower of mine to create some truly adorable necklaces to represent the Blood Bond a Praetorian must wear in the books! Check out the two Praetorian Rising inspired goods at the following sites!

Praetorian Rising Candles – by Wick and Jane

Praetorian Rising Blood Bond – by ElissaJDesigns

Some final bits of news to share, Book 2 will have it’s Title reveal on March 1st! Prepare yourself Rogues, this one is going to be for you!

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