Harry Potter: When Childhood Dreams Come True

I think reading books is all about slipping into another world and experiencing something you would never yourself discover in your own life. Fantasy has always pulled me in, with it’s magic, wonder and all encompassing appeal of discovery.

The First Edition Harry Potter book I read when I was in Sixth Grade!

For me it started with Harry Potter, the first book to ask me the question; Who do I want to be? How do I want to be seen? How do I want to live? It was a lot of questions for a child of twelve, but I do feel like it helped shape the way I thought of myself as well as the world around me. It wasn’t enough to enjoy the books though, I wanted to experience the world itself and be wrapped up in it’s incredible magic.

Yesterday I went to Harry Potter land at Universal Studios and I feel like I truly experienced a wonderful moment. While walking through the park with my family and my two boys, I was caught up once again by the wonder of magic.

We stepped into Ollivanders Wand Shop and you wouldn’t believe it but my eldest son was picked to be fitted for a wand! It was so incredible, he took it so very seriously. Standing there though when he was handed his wand, watching the magical light and lift of air whistle across his little face, I felt my heart clench in the most childlike glee I’d ever beheld before.

After picking out a spell wand for my youngest son as well (he BEELINED for harry potter’s wand!) and tossing a hefty amount of muggle money at the lady behind the register, we headed out into the evening to cast some magic.

It was a true sight to behold watching my boys step up to the little metal disks showcasing the spells to be said and the movement of their wands. I can’t even begin to explain how happy my heart was, how wide my smile was, and how much my cheeks hurt but I didn’t care. We proceeded to the Three Broomsticks and each grabbed a Butterbeer and discussed the plans for our next Harry Potter adventure.

Universal Orlando trip report – August 2011.

I think what boggles me most is that over twenty years ago I embarked on this wonderful adventure to go to Hogwarts and experience the wonder and magic like a child would for the first time. Yesterday I was able to watch the dreams of a young child come true as they were picked to receive their first wand. In so many ways, yesterday completed a tiny moment in my life I never knew I wanted until it was happening right before my eyes.

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