Praetorian Rising: What Does ‘Ad Astra Per Aspera’ Mean?

Ad Astra Per Aspera – ‘To the Stars through Difficulty’

The struggle within the Rogue Rebellion is the core purpose to why this latin phrase meant so much to be when I first heard it. Much of Praetorian Rising is about struggle and the frustration of being pushed to the bottom no matter how hard you’ve worked.

Praetorian Rising was bred out of my desire to make a change in my own world. I felt tired of the system, frustrated with my life and where I was, and wanted to break out of the oppression of my everyday. Looking back, I was struggling through something I feel most people experience; self identity.

I had no idea who I was, what I was supposed to do with my life or where I was supposed to go with the path I’d taken. I needed a change. Without realizing it at the time, this book series became the one thing that jump started my drive to become something better than what I thought I was. It was my escape and my driving force to a better life.

I started this book when I was unemployed, had zero friends, and no ability to really go out and do anything. Instead of going out, I stayed in and wrote. I sat on my porch listening to the crickets mixed in with the swirling melody of LA traffic and began the adventure of becoming an author. To say the least, it was really incredibly difficult. Writing is a very solo hobby, and not all that exciting until you finish the book and have something to talk about. It took me over eight years to get to the point where I COULD talk about this book series in an open fashion and now, I am pushing hard to get you all book 2 of this series as soon as I possibly can!!

Aspera is the center of my story, the beginning of this adventure for me. I hope you not only want to read the book if you haven’t, but now understanding the meaning behind the words, want to read the next book as well!!

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