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Can you tell I’m excited?! In all honesty, I’m beyond ecstatic to share this book with you. Yes I spent eight YEARS building this world and these characters, and yes I toiled for many a long night and morning to work through the many hoops to get this published. To be more than frank, I’m doing a promo giveaway because I want to talk about this story with YOU! I want to know what you think, how this makes you feel, what makes you want more and, of course, who is your favorite character? One of the things I love most about writing and stories in general is character development. I love to watch the characters grow, change, learn, struggle, accept, and overcome. It’s why I write.

I’m writing the fantasy story that I’ve always wanted to read but havent yet been able to find.

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Praetorian Rising is the first in a four part book series telling the story of Camille Scipio and the adventure she’s pulled into when the Rogue Rebellion rises from the ashes to make a stand. This story is my heart and soul on the page, and I want to share it with you all.

Cant wait to hear what you think!


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