Praetorian Rising Spotlight: VESYON VESTRA

Wind whistled through the dense overgrowth of Dun L’er Forest, a high-pitched whir of warning dogging his every step. The rustling maple and stark pine trees hunched like ghostly sentinels, the foggy fingers of breaking dawn stretching toward him as he ran. They were watching him, the ancient eyes of the forest, their aged and weathered limbs creaking against the pressured air. They would hold his secrets in their entombed silence, but the gods knew what he’d done.

– Praetorian Rising, Chapter 1 – Lost Memories

Vesyon Vestra (Veh-see-on Veh-straw) is the embodiment of the tortured hero. In a lot of ways, he is split between what he would like to do, and what he knows he must to for the betterment of Aspera. His honor doesn’t always win out and it’s in those moments that I feel Vesyon is my most raw and honest character. He admits to his flaws and accepts his own internal weaknesses and yet he is one of the strongest of them all.

As leader of the Rogue Rebellion, Vesyon isn’t afraid of what might come of him. His goal is to protect the people and ensure the safety of them all, and yet, his ulterior motives always slip in between the cracks leaving his intentions pure and tainted all at the same time.

Without a doubt Vesyon Vestra was born of my love for Aragon. The imagery and the strength exudes from his stance, and yet I feel Vesyon is more of a tortured soul. With the weight of his history weighing him down, mixed with the pressure of his own hidden emotions; Vesyon makes for a very mysterious and dark character. And yet, it’s impossible not to love him and the role he takes within the world of Praetorian Rising. One thing I think I love most is that not every hero is perfect, they have flaws and often they are not living their life with the desire to BE a hero. Vesyon is a great embodiment of an anti-hero; he doesn’t do it for the glory or because he strives for the spotlight. Vesyon veers away from the center of the attention leaving the politics to those that enjoy it. His goal is only to protect Camille and to ensure the forward motion of the Rogue Rebellion to give peace and prosperity to all of Aspera.

Interested in these characters so far? There are so many more to come! Stay tuned my Rogue Rebels, next Character Spotlight is Theo Shaehy and this one you won’t want to miss.

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