This Year is for Updating My Adult Life

I’ve decided it’s high time to put more effort into living life in a streamlined, minimal, and grown up fashion. I have carried tokens and things from my teenage years but it high time that I step into a more grown up world. Right now my life feels full of clutter and I am tired of it.

I have some serious plans to restructure and update my world, and right now my first priority is to clean and remove anything I havent used in the last 6 months. There is soooo much to remove. I have already bagged three full trash bags full of clothes that I took to goodwill. But I’m going to keep going and expand on this mindset.

First, I want to start gardening. Which is difficult to do when I live in an apartment. However, there are ways to make it happen! I found a plant growing system that enables me to grow plants inside and I’m super excited! Especially because I get no light in my apartment, literally I’m in a shadowed apartment and it’s the worst! Hard to be an adult and grow my own herbs without sunlight.

So to tackle this no light issue, I got this awesome indoor plant growing set! I’m really excited about it. I opened it up today to take my first step toward awesome fun style adulting.

The three plants I plan to grow first!

The little pods that I’ll put the soil into to.

The little prepackaged soil pods go into the cups, and topped off with a germination cap.
Once you put the soil in the pods and add the water and plug in the system. BOOM! DONE!!

This little set up I think is going to work perfectly to get me started. I also got two lights to clip onto my plant shelves so I can continue to grow some flowers, indoor plants, and of course LAVENDAR!!!!!!

Stay tuned for my next venture in being more adult as well as digging into the streamlined lifestyle!

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