When in Scotland…I Explore Edinburgh

I wouldn’t consider myself the most worldly of people, not in the least, but I do love to travel. I’ve found my heart in Scotland and it’s hard for me to imagine wanting to go anywhere else.

Scotland is so incredibly rich with history and uniqueness of its age. I’ve been to several main cities, but so far Edinburgh is where I’ve spent the most time. This city is incredible. It mixes the old with new so effortlessly that it’s hard to imagine it only one way or the other. I’d label it as quaint, but I dont feel like that fully captures the heart of Edinburgh.

Anchor Close off High Street in Edinburgh
The Meadows in Edinburgh
National Monument of Scotland in Edinburgh

I think what I found so beautiful about this place is the magic I feel in the air when walking through the streets, closes, and monuments. This place is rich in history, but also in its pride. This National Monument of Scotland was built to commemorate honor to those that fought in the war agai st Napoleon. The building plans were rich and lavish, stylized after the pantheon. However they made it this far into the build and ran out of money, and never finished it. There was no negativity with that failure to complete the build, only pride.

‘Look at this grand structure! It’s beautiful!’

– Any Scottish person in the general vicinity of The National Monument of Scotland

And it is, even if it’s half finished its grand and beautiful.

My next stop on this trip is Inverness. I have a feeling I’ll have many scenes to write on my train ride up north. I’ve found much inspiration for book 2 in the Praetorian Rising series and I can’t wait to get to the meat and potatoes of this book series.

Until next time my Rogues, Ad Astra per Aspera.

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