I Solomenly Swear…That I Won’t Ever Be One of Those People

I won’t name names, because that is rude and we are all supposed to lift each other up in this industry of writing, reading, and all around general day dreaming. BUT….there is one person (although there are quite a few that I have found) that I really just can’t stand anymore and I used to LOVE this author.

I won’t say if he is a he or if she is a she, for now we will call this author, ‘Author’. Author was one of my absolute FAVORITES. I looked up to this person and really strived to BE like them on multiple levels. They had a blog that was quirky and fun, a following that full of true and devoted fans, and a story that was loved my MILLIONS! After the first book of this person’s series was released they were smiling, humble, and genuine. I was so happy for them, so happy for what they were doing for the writing world. I felt pride for this person!

And then their second book came out, followed by a movie deal for the series. And it started to take a turn. Author changed their blog to something a bit less personal. Comments were no longer allowed. And I chalked this up to, “Author is now very busy, and answering comments all day is EXHAUSTING!” Their twitter and instagram was growing and becoming, I’m most certain, very hard to handle.

But then the movie came out, and the third book was released and Author was very suddenly a different person. There was a strange pretentiousness about this person and their typically quirky fun attitude became elitist and no longer likeable.

Like I has said before, I don’t like to judge people. We are all living our lives, but I look at Author and find myself wishing for that success and yet dreading the possibility of falling into the trap that Author did. When you are surrounded by people that are self focused, their career being centered on them and their looks and less on the world of writing and their work, it changes the dynamic of the person’s persona.

I know, I know what you are thinking….’Jessie, why are you talking down on this author?’ And I know, I don’t want to talk down on ANY writer, but I think more what I am doing is seeing what I don’t want to become and vowing never to become that because as a fan I was so very disappointed with the direction that Author went.

As a writer I want to connect with my readers, I want to discuss my writing and books with people. Not just the positive side though of everything I do, of but also the negative side of what people feel could be better. I want to grow as a writer and encourage my readers and followers to show me their sides, thoughts, opionions and ideas. I want to discuss their books and writing, their passions and desires. The last thing I ever want to be is a propped up writer with a marketing person on my blog and social media sites, an agent keeping me from doing what I feel might work best, and a publisher that hinders the outcome of the story I am desperately ACHING to tell you all.

My goal is to always be genuine, always be open, always be honest to the person I am on the inside. Is this a difficult thing to do? Right now, no, but in the future, maybe? I don’t know because I’m not there yet. But I do sincerely hope that for that one person who reads this blog in the future and sees what I am doing and loves what I have accomplished will also be the same person to call me on my shiat if EVER I become an overly self loving egotistical ass hat, that posts ridiculous pictures of my most recent trip to the Carribean this year, just off my private jet, in a bikini that costs more than most peoples rent with a quote of, ‘just another day being me’, that this person take it upon themselves to SLAP the ever living Ma’Nada out of me for acting like such a pretentious TERD!

Please, I beg of you. Don’t let me do that. And I promise you my lovely follower that read that entire rant….I will NEVER become that person. Thank you, I adore you. And now back to all things fun, loving, and positive like these donuts I am about to eat!

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