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First off my peeps, you can read ALL of my reviews on Goodreads and Amazon if you are interested. I will be periodically posting them here on my blog for you to read at your leisure, but this review deserves it’s own blog post. I am over the moon for what Alissa Buhoveckey posted on Goodreads and I couldn’t help but share with all of you. Check it out!

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Holy smokes🙀the book was amazing!
I don’t know how well I can express my feeling towards this book in words because if this was in person my mouth would be moving a million miles a minute because I have so much to say!😍 
For fans of Game of Thrones, Throne of Glass, The Remnant Chronicles and others definitely add this to your tbr! I found the politics and world to be on the same level as GoT in terms of the kingdoms and the treaties. This book has a dystopian aspect that honestly makes it easier to imagine everything considering most of didn’t grow up fighting with a sword or daggers. THE REALNESS omg I could perfectly picture every scene and detail. The amount of though that went into the setting and every single detail is incredible. Whenever I read a book I want to be completely transported into that world to the point I forget I’m even reading and am oblivious to everything around me. That was easily achieved with the McSpadden’s writing! I could feel exactly what the characters were feeling and more. There was airy sense of darkness while reading, but that’s because our MC can’t remember anything about her past except for fleeting thoughts and emotions. Also just the scientific creativity involved while writing this is hands down respectable. Being a science geek I could easily imagine the details but even if your not aware of the more in depth context it is easy to understand. I loved the storytelling and worship in this book. I found that the “mythology” in the story may have been inspired by Irish/Celtic mythology which I love! One last thing, I know I said it’s reminiscent of a dystopian novel but don’t let that scare you! There is a main focus of fantasy with a healthy dose of real word technology in terms of some weapons and what not. McSpadden did a wonders job intermingling old and new. The old being the fantasy aspect and normal way of life for a majority of the characters while the new being a dystopia/sci-fi way of life for the elite and privileged. 
Without rambling anymore I really really want everyone to pick this book up! It deserves so much love from this community and I know a ton of you would love it! 

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