What’s Next for the Praetorian Rising Series?

If you have purchased your copy of Praetorian Rising, or have been sent an authors copy because you are an ARC reader, then you might be wondering what is next? How long do you have to wait? And what is happening with the characters you have spent most of your free time obsessing over! Don’t worry my Rogue Rebels, I have got you covered.

Right now, yes, RIGHT NOT I am working on book 2 of the Praetorian Rising series. The first draft has been written, and I am working on the second draft. In two week’s I’ll be heading to Lake Arrowhead for a three day writers retreat! I can’t freaking WAIT! I’ll be posting and checking in, but more than anything else I will be writing. Yes, even more than sleeping, eating and drinking; I will be writing.

I have to tell you, as the author of this amazing series I honestly can’t wait to share the full extent of this story with you. I am anxiously and furiously writing as fast as I can because I know how excruciating it can be to wait for the author to finish the next book in a great book series (Yeah, I’m looking at you George, we are ALL looking at you. I know you write a tomb of a book but COME ON ALREADY! Please make the torture end!!).


  • January 2020 I will be sending my 2nd Draft of Book 2 to my Editor (http://www.ashleyrcarlson.com/)
  • July 2020 I will be sending out Beta Reader Copies and prepping draft 3 for my Editor (If you want to Beta, let me know!!! I will be picking 3 Beta’s to help me through this process 🙂
  • January 2021 I will be sending my Editor the final draft for Copyediting and final proof reading
  • Feb 2021 I will be working with my cover artists to create a new cover
  • July 2021 I will be self publishing book 2 of the Praetoritan Rising Series

Whew…those are some serious goals but I intend to stick to them AS MUCH AS I CAN!!!

In the mean time Rogues, here is what I plan to do for you especially. Every month I plan to release short stories and character insights that will give you more of the characters you’ve fallen in love with. I want to open up the world of The Five Shores and give you more of Aspera to enjoy. I also plan on releasing short novellas in and around this series that will give more indepth story lines to some characters that won’t always get the main spot light in the Praetorian Rising Series.

There is a lot heading your way dear readers, and I can’t wait to share all of this with you. I have to give a HUGE THANK YOU to everyone that has read and reviewed Praetorian Rising so far. It goes without saying that you have given me more than I can every repay you for. A review is pure gold and those 5 little stars mean SO VERY MUCH TO ME!


Kastie Pavlik, Amber Gram, Rebecca Erbe, Kay J, Cyber Nerd, Brittany Ruiz, Linda, Francisco Fraide, Krista Harper….I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to submit a review for me on goodreads and amazon. I have a BIG place in my heart for you.

I have honestly been overwhelmed with the positive feedback on Praetorian Rising not just the reviews! I have gotten some seriously AMAZING responses and not to mention such positive words on my cover.

Check out these awesome reviews on goodreads! And after you read them, I dare you to tell me that you aren’t super excited to read my book 😉

Also, fun little tidbit. I joined Allauthors.com so stop by and check out my page. I will be competing in a book cover contest next month, so make sure to check it out! Notice anything on their landing page? 🙂 #roguerebellionisrising

Check out Allauthor.com to see the promo for Praetorian Rising on their Landing Page!

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