My First Praetorian Rising Review from a Stranger!

The first few reviews I’ve gotten on my book are from readers I know, or people I know are reading my book. It’s a COMPLETELY different experience when you receive a review from a total stranger that I’ve never met and had no idea was reading #praetorianrising

Imagine my surprise when I opened up Amazon to see I have another review from someone I don’t even know and it’s FIVE STARS! Check it out:

Amazon Review of Praetorian Rising

Seeing this review today made my heart sing! I want nothing more than for people to connect with this story and love this new world I have created. Beyond anything, I want to connect to my readers. My goal over the next few months is to get Praetorian Rising into smaller book stores to ensure I can reach all platforms of readers. The more readers I can reach, the more the Rogue Rebellion will grow and the more I can connect with new readers!

If you have any advice or information on how best to reach new readers, I’d greatly appreciate it. I want to have a connection with my readers, which means I’d love to hear from you!

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