Prime Real Estate on that Bookshelf

When you write a book there are so many moments that make you feel overwhelmed with incredible emotion. Some big moments for me:

  • Finishing the first draft and sending it to my editor
  • Completing the Beta version, and getting complete strangers not just to read it but give POSITIVE FEEDBACK!
  • Seeing the finished product of the book cover
  • Submitting the final Ebook and Paperback versions to KDP for publishing
  • Holding the Paperback book in my hands

All of these moments are huge, incredible and indescribable moments to an author. I know….I said indescribable and I mean it! I can’t seem to find words to express the warmth and wonder of realizing I ACCOMPLISHED A HUGE GOAL! That feeling is something to be felt and there are little words to elaborate beyond the ear splitting grin I’ve had on my face for about a month now.

Today however, I received another INCREDIBLE nugget of awesomeness. One of my instagram followers received her signed reviewers copy from me and she posted pictures on her account. And I was struck dumb when I saw this one —

Check out the Praetorian Rising Youtube review by _thewriterr

Some of the best quotes from this review:

  • I can relate to Camille, and at times I really felt like I was Camille
  • This book is very well balanced between action and romance, it’s not a book that reveals everything at once. It’s a book that keeps you guessing and wanting more.
  • This story pulls you in every direction, wanting to feel for every character in every situation.

The Youtube Review was INCREDIBLE and such a delight to listen to. It really made me smile the entire time, but even more than hearing how much someone loves you writing, it really seals it in when you see pictures like this. I didn’t just write a book that made it into a readers heart, I also made it onto her top bookshelf! Prime real estate here sitting next to Stephenie Myers and George R.R. Martin!

This is probably one of the biggest compliments a reader could offer an author. Not just to read it, not just to love it, but to truly cherish the story by placing it in a location where they see it regularly. That is the best compliment I could ever receive.

So my next adventure for Praetorian Rising is finding my way into book stores. If I can find my way into the hearts of complete strangers without seeing anything from my blog, my facebook, or my instagram then I will know the spark is catching, and the Rogue Rebellion is Rising!

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