My first book is now available on Amazon in paperback and ebook!

Praetorian Rising: Available on Amazon!

I can’t believe this day finally came and I am having the best time seeing all of my followers posts on Instagram sending their love on my release day.

I know a lot of people look at the release day as the beginning, but for me this journey started 8 years ago on the porch of my apartment in Down Town Los Angeles. I was sitting on my porch with a glass of Cabernet, my lap top, and my puppy. The night before I’d been struck by a dream of a red headed girl, a genetically superior assassin, fighting for her life against a tyranical High King. At first my thought was, “This is a typical story Jessie, what makes this girl different?” It took a while for me to figure it out, but as time went by the story of Camille Scipio took place.

Eight years later I not only have found an AMAZING community of fellow readers and writers on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, but I’ve also been able to finally share this story with all of you. I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, I can’t wait to see how you interpret these characters and this world I’ve been dreaming about.

I hope you enjoy, and most of all I hope you join the Rogue Rebellion! Ad Astra per Aspera my friends, together we will be victorious!

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