Praetorian Rising: Book Cover REVEAL

Hello my lovely Peeps!

I finally have a completed book cover and I’m so excited to share this with all of you. I’ve posted it on my instagram and twitter, but wanted to give you a more indepth description of why I chose this direction of artwork and what it means.

Without further ado, here is the book cover for Praetorian Rising

Praetorian Rising – Book 1

This book cover has been a long time coming and I’m so thankful I finally was able to get an image that depicts the sinister yet hopeful mood of this book.

To go along with the AMAZING artwork of this cover, I also have an updated about that will be a part of the back of the book when it’s published in paperback.

In a shattered reality filled with questions and secrets, the terrifying truth may not be who she is, but what.

Camille Scipio awakens one morning remembering nothing of her life.  The sword and bow feel like old friends as she eases into a routine life in the small town of Sierra Village.  Able to gut a squirrel in two seconds and hunt in the forest past curfew, she’s devastated when a mysterious beast attacks the village and critically strikes the only family she’s grown to love.  The family she failed to protect.

Now, fleeing for her life, and hunted by the tyrannical High King of Aspera, Camille finds herself at the center of a rebellion led by genetically enhanced assassins known as Praetorians. Flanked by Vesyon Vestra and Theo Shaehy, Camille struggles to understand her role in their fight and in their hearts.  As horrors of the past threaten to consume her, Camille must make a choice: join the Rogue rebellion or seek revenge against those who wronged her.  Can she defeat the demons within and fight for freedom? Or will she slip into the darkness of her past?  

Camille Scipio wakes without knowing who she is, bringing a level of uncertainty to the front of the readers minds as they jump into the world of Aspera. The most forefront symbol I wanted to create with this book cover is to create the forward movement of Camille’s world and her life. Despite the forward motion, an almost undesirable direction, Camille has no choice to go; she is directed toward her future as much as she inwardly fights against it. I wanted this cover to visually showcase the struggle Camille is dealing with, and yet she continues on toward the heart of this dangerous future because she knows she has no choice.

Another element I wanted to ensure to bring to light was Camille’s ties to the earth. Most of the soul within this first book is wrapped around a strong believe in our ties to the earth and mother nature. I wanted to bring that symbol to the cover, to showcase Camille’s strong connection to Aspera and the foundation of this realm.

I hope you enjoy this book cover and I can’t wait to here what you think about it. Once I have the back cover completed and the details solidified, I will be setting a publishing date.

Happy reading my peeps! Talk soon!!

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