Self Publishing…Here I Come!

Three months and counting! I can’t believe I have made it this far, though I never doubted myself in the determination to be here, I never thought I would take matters into my own hands either.

About six months ago I officially became fed up with the traditional publishing path. I have sent over 150 queries to agents, 100 queries to publishers and every single one rejected me. Of course my brain first went to, “I am not good enough, my book is not worth it.” But then I decided to give this a shot on my own terms.

I sent out my book to several beta readers, instagram followers, even my family (the non-biased ones hahaha) and asked them their honest opinions of Praetorian Rising. I received such positive feedback that I decided to say SCREW THIS, I am going to get this published ON MY OWN!

The second I realized I didn’t just want to do that, but also that I COULD do that I had a mini panic attack.

“What if no one reads my book?” “What if I get horrible reviews and it just dies before it even has a chance to fly?” “What if it’s actually a horrible book and these people I had reading it for a review are just trying to be nice?” “What if…..what if……what if…..?”

“Don’t wish for it, work for it!”

I had to stop myself. There was ZERO point telling myself it wouldn’t work out before I even made the effort to make it work in the first place. I needed to focus on the “how” not the “what if’s” and that is how I got to where I am.

Where am I exactly? Well….I have a finished book and I am looking to self publish. I am in the process of working with an artist to get my book cover completed. I am working through the process of doing Kindle formatting for Amazon publishing, which amazingly enough will also be the same set up for my print to paper platform.

There is a way to make this happen, and you just need to find the dedication and the drive to see it through. It’s terrifying, I will admit, but also thrilling! Stick with me peeps, there is more news to come and a lot of new details to share. Over the next three months I will be posting updates as well as sections of my new book to give you some juicy bits before the release date. I will also make sure to have the book ready for purchase 90 days prior to publishing so you can ensure to get a copy!

This is happening and I can’t wait to share this with you.

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