Captain Marvel, Absolutely Marvel-ous!

I’ll start right off with the good stuff, but first a slight PSA…there will DEFINITELY be spoilers in this post.


…..Spoilers are coming…..please don’t keep reading if you haven’t seen CAPTAIN MARVEL and want to keep all things a surprise.


I LOVE CAPTAIN MARVEL! Wow, what a great movie. Not for the typical entertaining reasons most people love anything marvel, it goes much deeper than enjoyable Visual Effects and a few quick-witted lines. This movie was written in a woman’s voice, lead by a strong female character without ANY LOVE INTEREST ANYWHERE to be found. It was beautiful, incredibly relatable and one of the best movies the Marvel world has created so far…in my humble opinion.

Ok, let’s talk details about why this movie was so incredibly amazing. Can we start with the lead, Vers as she is known from the start, but soon to be known as Carol AKA Captain Marvel. Her character progression and build throughout the movie starts with a woman who is working to achieve her full potential while struggling with a past she can’t remember. In pushing to work toward achieving her goals, she realizes she’s been duped by the one person pushing her to understand and control the full extent of her powers. In realizing that she is in control of her own power, she takes a quick walk down memory lane. In an epic moment of woman defiance, Captain Marvel runs through her at young ages, teen ages, to young adult ages getting up after being pressed down; the time her dad told her she couldn’t play on the go-karts as the boys could, the time she was playing baseball and was almost beaned by a rogue pitch, the time she was in the basic training and reached for a wayward rope and fell on her face in front of the men taunting her that she didn’t have the chops to do what they could. Again and again, she found herself up against a hurdle that men, society, and social standards placed on her but Carol decided she’d had enough. She stood up, again and again, and she was ready to fight back. The female empowerment message wasn’t just an undertone, it was a delightful battle cry!

One of the basic tests I put every movie through is the Bechdel test. Captain Marvel passed with flying colors. Not only is the movie a top notch story with well written characters, there is absolutely ZERO LOVE STORY! Captain Marvel and Nick Fury were like unscripted, unusual, but very compatible partners in mutual crime. They played great together, and the humor involved was just icing on an already delicious cake.

So all in all, I highly recommend this movie. It’s witty but not overly hilarious, it’s got some seriously great visual effects but isn’t overly focused on intense visual effects heavy battle scenes. Most of the fight and fervor is structured around the character arc and development of the character overcoming her struggle.

This wasn’t just a successful marvel movie, it was an incredibly great film showcasing that no matter how many times people say women can’t do what men can in film, women will prove them wrong. Movie written, directed and Lead by women. I don’t know about you, but I call this one a MASSIVE success!

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