I’m Close to Stabbing You with a Sharpened Pencil Man.

I would consider myself pretty laid back. It takes a lot to rattle my cage, and not just in the business world, I mean in my personal life. I am so very much the type to take a step outside my own world and think, “Well, why are you acting like this? What is the motive?”

Even with that mindset, there are times I can get really frustrated even if I know that I am not going to get what I want and knew before the news slapped me across my face that it was really going to hurt me.

Since the middle of January I have been working toward getting my bookcover done. I found an artist on a wide range website that has a list of hundreds of artists to choose from. I spent a lot of time looking through the artists on there and hoping to find someone that fit with the specific “look” I was going for. I found a handful; one in particular I really liked.

I also am someone that goes into every situation with a solid plan. I know what I want for my book cover and I have a lot of information and details to explain the entirety of what I am wanting. So, after two months of back and forth, a lot of reference photos and message and me understanding the 5 times this artist I had picked out said he was sick or otherwise “unavailable”, he then sent me a message saying…..

“I’m sorry but you are giving me too many notes and I’m not used to having so little freedom in the work I am doing.”

I’m sorry, you can’t do my book cover because I gave you “too many notes?”

Literally, my jaw almost hit the ground. I am now a little over four months to my publishing date and I’m back to square one for the book cover. At first I was shocked and then as the day ticked by I got more and more angry. I feel like, being an artist and a freelancer myself, you can’t suddenly decide that you don’t want to do something because the person that hired you is giving you too much feedback. Maybe, if you did it more to the tone of what I originally asked for you wouldn’t have so many notes!! Not to mention the fact that this is my first book, OF COURSE I WILL HAVE A SHIT TON OF NOTES!

Anyways, it made me a bit upset. And now I am on the hunt for a new book cover artist. If you know of anyone that has a watercolor, painterly style of artwork please let me know. I am on the hunt like Ara Stark on her search for justice, I will cross off these “to do” items on my list if it KILLS ME!

Except it will be a McSpadden, and I will be staring down at my To Do List with those delightful little “slash” marks of “DONE” that I’ll be smiling about.

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