Just a Few: Best and Worst Books I Read in 2018

The Great, The Sexy, and the Downright Dreadful

Not So Nice Guy by R.S. Grey –

I was out of work for a few months this year and was looking for some quick reads. Nothing serious but something fun and enjoyable. This book is what I found. OH MY GOD did I love this book. R.S. Grey has got a serious way with dialogue. It’s cheeky, quick, and downright believable.

This book takes a very simple setting; two teachers meet for the first time on their first day at work. The not so simple part is the lead characters both fall for each other but neither are willing to admit to it. They carry on for YEARS as best friends but things take a wild turn when one of them lets slip to the entire faculty that they aren’t actually a couple. All of the single teachers flood out of the wood works and suddenly neither of them are ok with the other going out on dates.

I was laughing, giggling and yes even a tiny bit of crying as I tore through this book. I finished it in about two days….I got very little else done those two days! This story was sexy with a lot of bit funny. Perfect for a quick late night read!

A Simple Favor by Darcey Bell

The novel centers on Stephanie, a mom blogger who seeks to uncover the truth behind her best friend Emily’s sudden disappearance from their small town in Connecticut.

At the start of this book I wasn’t certain I was going to like it. The entire story is read as though you are watching Stephanie’s vlog. It wasn’t a bad idea but it felt a little too removed from the story itself. I was VERY wrong about this though as the story began to play out the entire set up was VERY intriguing. I didn’t expect Stephanie to be so incredibly relatable. At first you think she is a goody two shoes but oh man, half way through I was just enthralled!

The best part about this book, the movie was actually quiet great. I really enjoyed it and so did my husband. I think this book is good and really worth a watch. If anything…the ending is a complete hoot.

Artemis by Andy Weir

I am a HUGE Andy Weir fan. The Martian is one of my absolute FAVORITE books. I read it three times and watched the movie four times. Huge fan. Anyways….I was not at all a fan of this book. I’m not sure if my hopes were just super high or I had bigger expectations walking into it than with most books but I didn’t like the lead character at all and I didn’t really enjoy the story. I got more than 3/4 of the way through and I kept wondering when the story part was going to happen. I think each person would have their own opinion on this one but I didn’t find myself wanting to come back for more. This one isn’t horrible…there is some interesting aspects to it. Andy is great at building a fantastic science fiction world. All in all though, I didn’t find it to be something I really enjoyed by the time I finished it.

Maybe on the next one Andy!

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