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Hello My Lovlies,

I know, first things first…. it has been WAY too long since I have posted on here. I am a bad naughty little blogger. I will admit that I have been spending an absorbent amount of time on my writing and on Instagram. Shameless I know 😉

After my recent decision to publish my own book in 2019 I realized I had some serious work to do and that started with taking part in NANOWRIMO 2018. It was amazing and so fulfilling, not to mention I found a great writing partner in the process! (shout out to you Jax!) I was able to work through 90% of book 2 which coincidentally helped me wrap up and finish book 1.

The next hurdle to jump over prior to publishing my first book is the book cover art. I found this website called 99designs that has a BUTT LOAD of artists at your finger tips. All of their artwork is on their page with an easy and quick layout to see multiple artists work at once. I found a great artist and in less than an hour was able to work through a very quick discussion of what I am looking for. In the next two months I am hoping to have some artwork to share with you soon.

If you want to keep up with my day to day, please come check out my Instagram. @jessie_grace137

In trying to work in some time to share my new book with as many viewers as possible I have turned to the Instagram. It’s amazing how many people you can connect with on there. I have realized that in fleshing out my insta I have neglected my blog and I need to make sure to keep both sides up to date and informed! In my effort to try to reach out, I am making a vow to have more of a presence on my blog as well as my insta.

Things to look forward to seeing from J.McSpadden!?

  • January Authors writing challenge: 30 Days of writing topics to discover more about me as an author and Praetorian Rising set to be released this year!
  • Praetorian Rising Book Cover – the artwork will be here soon
  • The silly ups and downs of self publishing and all the crazy stories that happen in between
  • More pictures of my pug The Dude 🙂
  • Lots and Lots of coffee pictures

Much love to you fellow readers, writers, and bloggers. I look forward to connecting with you all on this amazing up and down journey. Happy 2019 and I hope you have set yourself up with some amazing goals. And now…back to the writing sprints. Waitress, can I please have more coffee? Or just perhaps an entire pot of coffee? Please and thank you 🙂


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