You put WHAT in your Pancakes!?!

A good portion of my family is from Texas and Minnesota. I always associated pork rinds with living on a farm land or living in the center of cowboy-ville. I’m not really sure why though because I never actually saw any of my family members eating any pork rinds….so maybe a cliche book reference?

In the last three months of really trying to get into the full swing of a keto kitchen I have stumbled upon the amazing uses of pork rinds. From replacing crackers and any dip conduit to putting in my mac n cheese and then to top it off, IN MY PANCAKES! Yes, that’s right, this morning I made pancakes out of pork rinds. Is your mind exploding to!?

I saw the recipe in my keto book and laughed. I already very much love pork rinds now having found the delightfully almost tasteless crunchy product a treat. I have even found it in multiple flavors! But putting them in my pancakes seems a bit weird…right? I thought so too. However, I am determined to stick to this food plan, so I went ahead and made them. I won’t lie, I was full of doubt.

I opened my handy keto book and saw the list of ingredients and I laughed out loud. “I’m supposed to make pancakes with PORK RINDS!?!” I laughed, shook my head, and then tossed my fate up to the keto gods and said, “Alright. Let’s do this!”

First you grind up the pork rinds, add in the cinnamon, and the baking powder. This is your base of dry ingredients.

Second, you mix your eggs, coconut milk, swerve granulated sugar, vanilla extract, and coconut oil.

Mix it all together and you have a very thick pancake mix. Yes, at this point I was still VERY SKEPTICAL. But I will admit, I was starting to get really hungry and this mix is delightfully sweet smelling.

Adding some coconut oil to the pan, I added in a 1/2 cup of the mixture into a pan and hoped that this would turn out better than the pumpkin pancakes I forced the kids to eat a couple of weeks ago. 20180816_102324

Once of my biggest annoyances when making healthier pancakes is that the batter doesn’t hold together very well when you flip them over. That was not the case with these pancakes!! They were solid and bubbled up perfectly.

After cooking up the batch of pancakes I made the topping. Again, I was skeptical! The topping for these little cakes is a mixture of almond butter and coconut oil. Now I love almond butter, but I wasn’t sure how the mixture with the pork rinds would taste.

I have never been more pleasantly surprised as I was after making this recipe. Check out the beautiful finished product!


I added a bit of cinnomon on top for additional flair 🙂 But the best part, check out this CRUMB SHOT!!!!


These little cakes were delightfully fluffy and full of flavor. They have a hearty oat taste to them actually. Mix that with the cinnamon and the almond butter and it was a more than surprising fantastic breakfast. The overall nutritional details on these cakes are also impressive!

Serving size: 2 cakes
Cals: 885
total fat: 71.3 g
carbs: 8.1g
sugars: 2.2g
protein: 52.8g

Now I couldn’t possibly take credit for this recipe as it’s not mine 🙂 I merely review the recipes I find most incredible. If there are any other recipes you are afraid to try or haven’t been able to find a great recipe for something I am happy to be the guinea pig! If you want to get the full details of this recipe and how to make it check out a book called THE KETO DIET: The complete guide to a high fat diet
By: Leanne Vogel

I bought this book on Amazon, but you can get it almost anywhere.
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