When You Have Time….You Keto

When you give a woman with a desire to make things time off from work, what does she do?! She MAKES THINGS!! And GETS SHIAT DONE! She also makes the time to eat right, and that means that I am going 100% full force back into eating Keto.

What an amazing thing time is, and when you have it to do what you want. I am now not only able to focus on my fitness, but I am also able to actually MAKE my breakfast. This is a novel concept as I haven’t been able to make a fresh breakfast, outside of my microwave omelette, in a VERY long time. Being a Keto eater is HARD when you don’t have time to prep food. And I know what most people would say, “Prep on Sunday.” I have to say, by the time I get to Wednesday, the food I made Sunday is limp, slimy and turning. And I’m a hot food, fresh sides kind of breakfast eater.

Today I am making Flaxseed Cinnamon Muffins! They are SUPER tasty with a pat of butter on them, and they are insanely dense. I recently got this book from Leanne Vogle, THE COMPLETE GUIDE TO A HIGH FAT DIET.  I have to say, this girl really knows her stuff, but also she really understands the difficulty of transitioning your lifestyle to be a high fat diet.

I came across some amazing facts in her book that I feel should be shouted from the roof top. As I sit here and eat my keto cinnamon muffin, I think about the people I have come across that looked at me with skeptic eyes when I said that a high fat diet is good for you and the cholesterol is NOT the enemy. So in the mindset of Keto Pay-it-Forward I will give you some snippets of keto enlightenment!

  1. MYTH: Fat makes you fat. There is something very simple to note with this amazing myth. Body fat is created when excess carbohydrates need to be stored. Also, by eating more dietary fat you can actually help your body lose weight. You eat less when you feel full, and let me tell you, eating a full fat diet you eat less quantity because the food is dense. Fat keeps you satiated, no more 3pm hunger pangs because the limp salad of greens and low fat dressing didn’t do diddly squat to satiate your hunger. The best part of eating high fat is is that is allows for a better balance of hormones such as estrogen and testosterone.
  2. MYTH: Cholesterol is bad for you. Sorry but this is so very wrong. It isn’t the Cholestrol that is the problem. I would first ask (because I actually didn’t know myself) what cholesterol does for your body and do we need it. Cholesterol is actually essential for many bodily functions. It’s needed to make sex hormones, and it repairs damaged cells and maintains the integrity of the cell to extend cell life. It transfers nutrients to the brain to protect from dementia and it maintains the the integrity of the intestinal tract. Main point, cholesterol is very important. Without it we would die. Interesting fact about cholesterol, most of what we eat can’t be absorbed. About 25% of the cholesterol in our body comes from what we eat and 75% is synthesized by the body. Eating more dietary cholesterol has little effect on our cholesterol levels.

These muffins are delightful…with a side of Cold Brew with half ‘n half…PERFECTION. I got the recipe and fun myth facts from Leanne Vogel in her book The Keto Diet. I’ll be back with more fun facts and keto tips soon!



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