I Need More Time

I have to say that if there is one thing I am struggling with the most right now is finding enough time. I have a very intense schedule, though I am sure it could get worse, I am absolutely struggling with it right now. Here are the things I am TRYING to complete within my week:

  • Meal prep for the week
  • Working out 5 days a week
  • Work – about 50 hours per week on average
  • Dinner prep at night with my husband
  • 1 night / week with my girl to get her caught up on West World and Game of thrones
  • Writing book 2 of my book series
  • Sending a query to literary agents 3x per week
  • sleep
  • quality time with my husband
  • quality time with my kids
  • quality time with my dog
  • cleaning the house
  • every day hygiene
  • friends time to ensure I maintain good friendships

That is a good amount to fit into a week. And I manage to for the most part but there are times that I feel absolutely exhausted by the end of the week. There are additional things that shove into my time and demand my attention. It feels impossible at times.

Right now I think that there is a limit for balance. I am trying to balance sleep/ working out and meal prep/ quality people time/ work. Which makes me frustrated when I want to work on my book or engage readers on my blog.  I am trying to just make more time….which for the most part means less sleep. And I LOVE sleep.

I am in a tunnel and there is no extra space to push more into my day. Does anyone else have this problem? I feel like I am absolutely struggling with everything.

Outside of the sad face moment here, St. Patrick’s Day yesterday was AMAZING! And I think I might have had more food last night that the last two thanksgivings. I am so not joking. This was just the beginning to the evening. Yes that is Lucky Charm pie, and yes it was so worth the 2 hours it took me to make. YUMMY!

Did anyone else have an incredible St Patrick’s Day?!


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