I Just Can’t Stop Adding To It!

I realize the saying “An artists work is never done, the project is only every abandoned,” because in truth I feel that my first manuscript isn’t completed. Not that it isn’t polished, and in my personal opinion, damn close to being done. It’s more that I keep thinking, “But I could add this, and it would make it better!”

After re-listening to Game of Thrones on audio book, and having just finished reading The Gender Games, I am realizing that I do indeed have more to say in my first book. I have more world to build and more details to impart to the readers. I have heard several times from several different people, “Stop it Jess, you have written a good book. You need to move on to book 2!” And I have, so I can officially tell those people to shut it. Ha!

But….I am still tweaking and working on adding more into book 1. I can’t help it! There is just…more to say.

Having said all of this, I will admit that I have started writing a new chapter. And as much as it’s a bit difficult to work in I do really believe that it will be worth the effort to add in some additional “world building” scenes.

Now, all of THAT being said I also just submitted my work to 5 more agents. I feel like I am playing a game of time. I will keep writing, tinkering, and reworking until an agent says, “Yes, I want it!” And then…and only then, will I hand over book 1 and truly start this whole process over again on book 2.

Dear lord above, the old gods and the new….please let book 2 be easier than book 1.

In the mean time, I have realized that I do indeed have a grumpy puppy. Look at this face!


One thought on “I Just Can’t Stop Adding To It!

  1. I think it’s great you’re writing a new chapter. If it’s speaking to you, why not, and you can add it or decide it really isn’t necessary. Or have it at the end as a special addition for your fans!

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