Slay the beast the lurks within

I am not afraid.

Not of you, or your face that hunts me still.

I won’t give in, won’t let you win. I breathe. I live. I wake, I’m alive.

You can’t hurt me, not anymore. There is a wall around my iron heart, and you can not get in.

But in the depths of darkness you find me. You lure, you beg, you cry out for me to follow you. But I won’t.

You see I won’t move. The fire within will keep you away. This fire I’ve built to hold you back, you can’t get close, not anymore.

I breathe a sigh of deep relief when sunlight breaks amd I’m awake.

I won tonight, like every night. I am alive, and I’m still breathing.

You can’t defeat me.

I know I’ll see you yet again. In the shadows lurking, waiting and hoping that I will fall. But I won’t. You reach out your hand to help me up but I won’t take it, not this time.

I’ve made it through. Ive slayed the beast, the demons of you. And never can you break me down. I am strong, you can’t defeat me.