My Drug of Choice

I breathe you in like a long lost friend
My chest expands like it’s always just been
My head it spins and senses whirl, soft and slow once more with you
There’s no other place that always feels so new
Our lips do touch
Once more you’re my crutch
I let you out for a moment, a separation of taste
But I dive back in, head first in this state
I know I’m stronger when we’re apart
I see the power, and I’ve let this start
But the swimming delight you give to me
Brings me back to your welcoming sea
A rolling wave of electric love
A mesmerizing storm that I can’t surface above
Drown me now in your abyss
Pull me down and don’t let me live
I’ll choke and suffer but I just don’t care
I should throw you away but I don’t dare
How could I do this without you my dear
I would crumble and wilt and suffer I fear
So I stand here now, staring at you
Knowing that there is little else I can do

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