An Unknowing Siren

There she goes messing with his mind,
He’s usually more in control when he lies
There he goes back inside his shell
Living on the other side of this lover’s carousel
Oh if she only knew
How much he loses control, how much she makes him go
She makes love sometimes just with her eyes
The slight devious sparkle and the sultry silent offer
She plays him like he’s made of string
He’s the instrument, the melody
She wants his lips to sing
If she only knew, how hard it is to handle
How bad he wants this scandal
Tell him girl, “my world is all about you”
Tell him girl, “I just can’t seem to live without you”
Tell him girl, “Let’s lose some sleep tonight”
Just wants to tell her straight, he doesn’t want to wait
He won’t take it no, no longer, not any more
His heart she stole, and he’s begging for more
In silent moans from the other line of the phone
She hears no word, and keeps up with it
He wants all of her, but wants it just to end
There’s no reprieve on his side, no final point or bend
He’s lost control, can’t hold her down
He stands alone, spinning slow
And she will never know

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