Lead me down this treacherous path
The forest is full, the trees are alive
Hold my hand, let me see we can exist
You’re just barely out of my grasp, too far to grip
Use your eyes to pull me to you
Say those words and fill up my soul
Then slip into silence and I’ll dig out the holes
Please be cruel to me, rip into my chest
Grasp hold of my heart and clasp it to yours
I want the pain, the torture you cause
I’d suffer all day, I would bleed all night
To hear one more word of how I light up your life
The path grows steep, my breathing is harsh
Your shadows ahead keeps me moving now
I don’t mind the free fall, the bottomless plunge
It’s before the pain, the crush, the drought
I can do this forever as long as you allow
Just a single touch, a whisper of lips
I’m running now, full out of breath
To keep up with the pace of what you now demand
The distance it grows, my heart in your hand
And I trudge along still just wanting more
What is this torture, this blissful sweet drug
It’s obsession dear one, and it’s swallowed you up

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