Dirty Little Secrets

Everyone has a secret. Not all secrets are horribly damning or damaging, but I do believe that inside every head there is a secret you tell no one. There are so many names for this, the skeletons in the closet, the dirty little secret, the bag of hair (if you had seen Fever Pitch you would know this one….eww). The fact is, we all have something to hide.

Here’s an example of a weird one: I once had a roommate that waited until he got into the shower to pee. I was tripping out on how many showers the dude took, and it took me a while to figure out that he was doing, but it came down to it when I flat out asked him to take less showers because he was wasting water…and then the truth came out. He didn’t want anyone to hear him pee. In the shower was the only place he felt he could pee in peace. Who would have thought?

I wish that I could set up a platform for people to openly share and yet anonymously post their secrets. It would be such a great way to people watch without actually watching the people. Like little snippets of information that they wouldn’t want anyone to know, but they anonymously share to the world. No shame, no guilt, a sense of freedom actually!

I believe Tumblr is the best place for this, and the easiest place to access that can do anonymous posts. Does anyone have a dirty secret to share? Or a secret they have heard they just couldn’t believe? I am interested in what goes on behind the eyes of the masses. What makes that person tick? I am just dying to know…So, what’s your dirty little secret?

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