The Queen’s Demand

I wish you could see what I think about

Open my skull and poke around

See the depth of your influence

Witness the lengths of your afluence

Can’t you hear the calling horn

The blazing notes are so deafening

I’ve belted out your name repeatedly

Don’t you feel the heat of it

I’m not sure you understand it’s meaning

The stark truth of this reckoning

There wasn’t a choice, there never was

You are mine and no one else’s

We shall live in peace and harmony

A golden throne of obedience

I’ll raise my voice to the calling

You’ll kneel at the foot of my surroundings

Fire and Ice will meld as one

But I will rule over one and all

Open my mind and you will see

The lengths I’ll take controling every sea

You’re mine now darling you can’t escape

There is no path for you to take

Bow now to your rightful Queen

I’ll show you all what it means to lead

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