I’m not afraid of the silence, I don’t shy away
There’s nothing to keep me from opening my mouth
Speaking now what I was desperate to say
And yet I keep the words locked behind my lips
I deny the relief of a word well said
Because I know you aren’t ready to listen to the vowels
To hear the truth, to listen to me now
I told you then what is still true now
I explained myself in the only way I know how
And now you are gone, a ghost in my path
With a mountain of words still locked on my tongue
I’d say it’s unfair but I know that it’s not
You owe me nothing, not an ounce of yourself
And yet I still think it’s not quite what you think
I was here to give you all that you need
To open my heart and let you in, can’t you see?
I wasn’t afraid of the monsters inside
Holding each other would have slayed them alive
I only wanted to live next to you
Instead we are living alone in the blue
The silence of lonely and the coldness of time
All I ever wanted was for you to be mine

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