The Power of Silence

Of all the words in existence, nothing can speak louder than the heavy drone of silence. An unfinished sentence, a squinting expression, an ignored response; silence speaks so very loud.

It’s with this heavy hammer you can nail in a victory, you can settle a score, reach a solution, or obliterate your enemy. You can break a heart, mend an ache, or destroy an unknowing soul. Silence can heal, and it can crush.

I’m not quiet nor am I trying to ignore. The screaming inside the walls of my mind are desperate to speak, to explain, to divulge the stark nakedness of what I am. But it’s just noise in here, a cluttered space, a tornado of words aching to say it. To say the words… those little tiny words.

But instead, I’m silent. As are you. I could explain it, but instead I feel it’s better to just remain….

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