Very Short Stories: Tidal Wave

She looked across the room at him, an invisible line splitting their sides apart. His hooded eyes watched her intently, almost eagerly.

“Do you move first, or do I?” He asked, his voice a low husky growl.

She almost shrugged, but felt it didn’t quite answer the question burning at the edge of his lips. Was he allowed to advance, or did she want to be the first to acknowledge what they were doing?

Her heart beat thudded inside her chest, a steady drum of her excitement but she remained silent.

He smirked, “Your silence is screaming with your answer.” He moved, one step and then another toward her. He crossed the invisible line and stood suddenly just a hairs breath away from her.

“Are you going to give in first, or will I?” He asked slowly, his face leaning down towards her before stopping a mere inch in front of her. She felt the warmth of his breath against her lips and she shuddered in anticipation.

She felt her body sway as her eyes slid closed. Her breath caught, her heart jumped and a storming buzz of excitement zipped down her spine. He stood in front of her. He was here in front of her. The earthy musk scent of his skin filled her sense and took over her mind. She couldn’t believe he was actually there. The heat of her skin burned and yet they remained not touching.

Was she going to give into it? Or would he oblige by pulling her beneath the tidal wave?


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