Best fiction and writing blogs

It’s a wonderful moment when you realize that someone isn’t just reading your blog but telling others to do so as well. It always boggles my mind, but when I realize that someone has referred my writing to others I feel so incredibly thankful!

Shout out to M.C. Tuggle (Best Fiction and Writing Blogs) for referring his readers to my blog (The Word Magician, the Story Wizard) I am so thankful that people are just so giving in their day to day lives. Not just a good opinion or word of attention, the effort to put someone else out there that they enjoy. It’s….a wonderful pay it forward moment and I deeply appreciate it!

M.C. Tuggle, Writer

Jack London
The best fiction and writing blog posts from around the ‘net, all guaranteed to make you a literary adventurer. Compiled by jack.

Ed A. MurrayWhere I find my inspiration to write
Alicia GaileAdding Flavor To Your Characters
Lissa PelzerTop 5 Writing Tips
J. McSpaddenThe Word Magician, the Story Wizard
Melissa TriplettFinding and Organizing Your Story Ideas
Sonyo EstavilloFocusing on the right details
Didi OviattFocusing on content over word count
Jan M. FlynnAvoiding the Draft
Sy & JeiSy & Jei’s Five Writing Tips

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