Beta Readers, I Welcome You!

I can’t believe it, but not only have I gotten to the point of sending out Queries to agents, I have finally been able to send out my book to some beta readers. It’s AMAZING! In only a couple of days I have had some great feedback, positive and helpful insights.

There is nothing better than to send your baby into the wild to find that there are other’s out there that will cherish and love your baby as much as you do. I want to get to the point where I am writing for an audience hungry for answers of what is to come. With Four Books in the Praetorian Rising series I hope to pull my readers on a fantastic adventure alongside me!

One day, not too far in the future, I will walking on a red carpet on the premiere of the first film and I will give a shout out to those who got me to where I am. Beta readers included! I couldn’t be where I am without you!


What a process this has been. So completely rewarding though now that I am here and making progress. Slow turtle like progress…but progress nonetheless.


Best fiction and writing blogs

It’s a wonderful moment when you realize that someone isn’t just reading your blog but telling others to do so as well. It always boggles my mind, but when I realize that someone has referred my writing to others I feel so incredibly thankful!

Shout out to M.C. Tuggle (Best Fiction and Writing Blogs) for referring his readers to my blog (The Word Magician, the Story Wizard) I am so thankful that people are just so giving in their day to day lives. Not just a good opinion or word of attention, the effort to put someone else out there that they enjoy. It’s….a wonderful pay it forward moment and I deeply appreciate it!

M.C. Tuggle, Writer

Jack London
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I’m wiggling with excitement

I never thought I would ever get to this point, EVER! Last Saturday I submitted my Query to 8 different agencies. And you wouldn’t believe it but I GOT MY FIRST REJECTION LETTER! I know, that sounds silly to be excited about a rejection but I gotta say, I am so very excited about it. It means someone read my Query, an agent actually read my query and possibly even my first chapter. The best part, they didn’t say it was bad or cut me off in a horrible way, they were very kind and honest. “I don’t believe I am the best agent for you, but my job is very subjective and I have no doubt you will be able to find the agent to fit your needs with this manuscript.”

It was wonderful. Perfect. It filled me with a sense of, it’s REAL!

Second good news, I finally submitted my manuscript to Beta Readers. Complete and total strangers. I sent my request of readers out into the ether and I have 5 beta readers. It’s wonderful. The best part about it is that only 1 day later two of my readers came back saying the love the first chapter! They are hooked and can’t wait to read more. That’s just AMAZING!! To know that someone is anxious, excited and looking forward to gobbling up the words I slaved and toiled over for YEARS of my life….it’s a HUGE relief I gotta say. I am over the moon. And I am hoping, FINGERS AND TOES CROSSED, that I can land an agent within the year.

And third amazing dollop of goodness in my writing life, my cover artist started working on my cover art! HUZZAH! I can’t wait to share this with you as soon as it’s done. So much excitement in one month. I am a barrel of smiles, a vat of giggles and a mountain of fantastic emotion.

Needless to say, today I am wiggling with excitement!