Last Night I had a Dream

Last night I dreamed that I talked to you. We stayed up all night just talking. It was quite incredibly ordinary conversation but wonderful nonetheless. It was a small moment in time, a blink in a year, but memorable and exquisite. 

I’ve thought of you so often that my subconscious forces you into my dreams. A million conversations happen between the time I close my eyes to the time I’m rudely woken every morning. Words, emotion, feeling….last night I had a dream that you were here with me. I smiled, I held your hand, I told you I love you. And yet…I know that you never heard me say those wonderful words. 

I wish I could call you, hear your voice, I wish I could see you, I wish you were here. 

Last night I had a dream….and yet today you are still gone. I miss you, I do. I hope you know that in the depths of your being…can you hear me now? I’m not sure…but if you can, I miss you and every night I can see you in my dreams. 

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