The Word Magician, the Story Wizard

There are a few authors that I am just in awe of. I look up to these people as incredible idols because they not only suffer through the hardships of writing, they also understand the mixture of pain and pleasure of discovering the story in your mind.

Diana Gabaldon, this woman is just an incredible amazing author. I’m on book 5 of the Outlander series and I’m amazed that by Ch 23 not a whole lot has happened, and yet I’m completely riveted. It’s the way she explains details, focuses on words and explanations that paint the story as if you are there. Most editors and publishers seem to want action, no? They say, “move it along, keep the story moving, if it’s not moving the plot remove it!” I agree and disagree with this idea. Sometimes, I just want to delve into detail. Be extremely focused on the way grass drifts in the wind, it’s brazen color and rich organic smell. Other times…they stepped through the ankle high grass and that’s all. I see benefits to both and I commend the author that can be exceptional at both styles.
George RR Martin, I know this man is a legend in his own right. His name is on the tips of everyone’s tongue for how incredible he is at telling a story. You know what I find more incredible about him though? His use in death and life in a character. He never just “kills” for the sake of killing. I can think of one author who killed her lead character at the end of her novel…and it just ANNOYED THE CRAP OUT OF ME!!! She will remain nameless though, because it’s just rude to talk crap about authors who work so hard. Anyways…GRRM is incredible in the sense that he kills a character for purpose and reason. He has very divisive and purposeful writing which is really hard to do. Weaving a story is one thing, but weaving a complicated string of actions and reactions in a novel the size of a TOMB is a whole new battle to conquer.

Andy Weir, this man in my person opinion is a legend. Holy crap what an incredible book. I was hooked to The Martian like nothing else. Gobbled it up in about 3 days. And then read it three more times to experience the humor again. Funny, fast paced and the best used of science in a logical way I have ever read. I am not one to read Science Fiction as much as Fantasy Fiction and Andy just NAILED IT! He is an incredible author of extremely fantastic ability to paint a picture in the panic of emergency.

Of course, all of these authors in my personal opinion are legend, and they are names and books that I look up to and speak VERY highly of. One day, maybe I will achieve a bread crumb of success that my idols have. One day, maybe some budding author will be writing about my achievements in their blog that is just on the brink of success. Maybe…no one will ever read my book and I will have self published just so that my mom can have a hard copy in her library. The many options of “what if’s”.

Who are your writing idols? I’d love to hear??

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