I’m tracking down an Agent…

Sounds like I am in a crime movie doesn’t it? I am on the hunt! Collecting clues and doing endless amounts of research, I will find this elusive Agent dang-nabit! I will, I swear it.

I went to lunch about a year ago with a friend of mine who’s published several books. I asked him how he found his agent and he said, “Oh, I’ve known her for a while. She works in the building I do post film work at. She’s also a script agent and our daughter’s know each other.” So more or less, that is a moment of, “knowing” the right person.

Working in film I should know someone, right? I don’t actually. I don’t really know a single person. So I am swimming in the wild abyss of agent hunting along with the rest of the newbie hopeful soon to be authors and I am finding that not only is it scary as all hell out here…it’s also quite challenging. I don’t know the right people, I have no idea HOW to get an agent to then publish, I have no idea what it takes to LAND an agent, all I know is I have a book that I love and a story I want to share with EVERYONE! I mean that, I want to share this story with the world. Why? I have no clue outside of the fact that I love the story line and the world I created. Just like Fillory or Narnia, the Seven Kingdoms or just plain Hogwarts…I have a place and a world that I want everyone to explore and fall in love with.

So…I am on the hunt peeps, loaded down with my weapons of destruction; laptop, creative mind, fast typing digits, and humor to boot…I am prepared to snag one of those elusive LIT AGENTS and in turn I will turn them loose on the publishing world with my message on the tip of their tongues, they will say: “This is a fantastic book, worthy of print and hungry eyes, and YOU WILL PUBLISH IT!”

I’ve read the future lines in my palm. This is legit going to happen. In the mean time…here’s a fun picture of my puppy The Dude.


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