The Praetorian Outlet, vol. 3

General Phillip Ballen of the Rogue Resistance – The Praetorian Outlet, vol. 3

Hello my fellow Asperian Citizens. I must first apologize for this interruption in your day, but this will be quick and swift. I enjoy my daily routine as much as you do but in the effort to expand your knowledge please understand my humble statements that won’t take but a moment of your time.

There is of course possible repercussions of me speaking with you. They of course don’t want me to share the injustice and horrible truth of what this wonderful Kingdom has been pulled into. Despite the weapons and the overpowering rule of his Majesties hand, they will always deny the overwhelming strength and power of conversation. Words have far more of an effect; they offer meaning to the humble patrons willing to listen, they offer truth and explanation. The truth is, there is something horribly wrong right now with this Kingdom.

Cruelty, oppression, lies and intolerance to growing change. We are not a people of many voices, we are Kingdom pressed down by the whims and desires of one. It wasn’t always this way though, was it? We had a moment of bright light, several decades of peace with our surrounding nations. It was a beautiful time wasn’t it? What happened to us then? We were told that our lives as we knew it were in danger. They fed us lies, rumors, and pushed us into a panic. The black cloud of insecurity and fear of the unknown forced us to back away from the brightness and we locked our doors on the Kingdoms around us. With that locking key we found ourselves imprisoned to a plague on our lands.

The lies continued, words of no meaning and yet; we gobbled it up like hungry dogs. I know why you fell for it, who’s really to blame? In the face of chaos and fear of losing our loved ones, we did what we thought best, we all did; we gave him our freedom in exchange for protection. He promised you a new life, a secure life, a life without worry if you offered up your loved ones and freedom, bowing down to him in silent obedience. He then implemented a new power, The Praetorian Protectors.  He said they were here to help us, to protect us from the black beasts roaming through our lands, to keep us safe from the plague; but it was a lie.

Tonight, I seek to end this reign of tyranny and persecution. He has taken our hope, our voice, our own blood and has turned it against us, but no longer. I want to impart on you a vision, a strength in the power of our words and choices; we can fight back against this poison in our Kingdom and we will win. Stand with us, join us in purging this land of his black plague and together we will conquer this land and reunite under a banner of freedom, life, and the justice of all Asperians. To victory through difficulty, and together we shall be strong.



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