To New Adventures

Three days ago I jumped onto the course of a new adventure, the path of a new decade. I’m 30!

I’ve heard both sides, ‘Thirty is horrible, oh god you will hate it. But Thirty-five is the golden ticket,’ as well as, ‘Thirty is amazing, you will love your thirties.’ I’m an optimist I have learned, and I see the next ten years as an amazing epic adventure. More than anything I am excited to see what the next ten years will hold. The last ten have been rough, hard earned lessons have been learned, and life long friends and experiences have been made. There are so many amazing memories, so many wonderful moments, but I have a feeling that from here things will get so much better.

I have so much to look forward to; getting married, having kids, finishing my book, expanding on my career, buying a home, writing and selling my second book possibly my third, learning to speak Swedish, teaching my kids to speak Swedish, gathering together my financial faculties and making some serious investments, growing my retirement, having my own garden and back yard, making more amazing friends, continuing to fall in love with the man I am head over heels for…the moments will become brighter, darker, heavier and lighter. So much is ahead of me….and I am ready for this amazing adventure!

Had quite the party last night to celebrate my 30th year on this wonderful planet. Black and White and oh so fancy!


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