It’s just begun…and I need some Readers!

I guess it takes a while to truly understand yourself. For me, I feel like I found myself at around 25. That’s a long time for self discovery, many long hours and minutes alone figuring out what I want and who I want to be.

Now I sit down to write a novel that is gripping, character driven and deep in emotion but I have to tell you it’s really hard to discover what my characters want. Who they are and what they would do. I feel as though I am truly experiencing them for the first time.

In this last round of edits I feel I now understand my characters on a new level. I can see them, I feel their wants and desires. I feel as though I understand them finally. It’s taken a while but I am getting there. I love these people I have created. They are strong and calculated, stern and focused on their desires. They love, and they cut corners – they are after all completely human.

I can’t wait to share these beautiful wonderful characters with you.

So….that is why I want to offer you a first read 😉 If you are interested in being a beta reader for my novel I would love to chat with you about the option. I need to know that what I have, what I want to share is good! Email me if you are interested in reading, giving feedback notes, and being a part of this amazing wonderful journey.

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