Wait…you mean my Manuscript wasn’t perfect?

So remember how incredibly excited I was a couple of weeks ago when I pressed the GO¬†button on my email sending my Manuscript to my editor? Well, that excitement builds and builds until you get the manuscript back and then….you see RED.

At first you think, “AHHHH, I am such a horrible writer!” All those edits, fixes, restructure and reformatting. And then you think, “Oh god, why did I decide to do this? I’m volunteering my time to something that I truly suck at!” And then, you read through the notes and you see the direction you are needing to go.

I’ll be honest, it is hard to see so many edits and changes to your hard work but, it’s like someone turning on the light to your masterpiece that you have been building in the dark. My editor has shown me the way to a better work of art, and I can’t even believe how blind I have been to some serious plot holes. Truly, if you ever for even a second think that you don’t need an editor you are full of the most crude and ripe fecal material on this planet!

Writing a novel is hard, going through all the edits and making the changes is also really difficult but it’s so incredibly rewarding. I am polishing and perfecting a story I just want to share with all of you. I can’t wait to finish, I am working hard to get this jem out to you all sooner.

So note for the day, even if you have a lot of work to do to make something perfect, it’s so incredibly worth it. I am now back to the editing table, need to start working on the first chunk of edits.

Big thanks to my girl Ashley Carlson, she just gave me a ton of work to do and I couldn’t be more excited! I am going to make this perfect Ash, and I won’t stop until I do!

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